Quality Management System Policy

Lacovale - Technology and Innovation, Lda., is determined to conciliate economic and social development with the innovation in their processes and with the objective of fulfilling the defined strategy. Lacovale promotes the involvement of its employees in order to satisfy their customers and the interested parties.

The materialization of our Quality Management System Policy is the realization of our commitment through an open and participative leadership that promotes and supports an approach to process management and is base on the following key principles:

Ensure Compliance
Ensure the compliance of your products, services, and activities with the requirements of customers, stakeholders, always prioritizing their satisfaction, continuously measuring, monitoring and evaluating performance against established strategic objectives;

To value the Employees
Promotion and appreciation of people and teamwork. Ensure the formation and development of employees, as well as their participation, in order to increase their motivation, accountability, awareness, and skills, with individual and collective character;

Continuous Improvement
Continuously improve the quality management system, so as to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness, favoring the adoption of the best available techniques, applying all prevention and protection measures;

Integrate Suppliers
Active collaboration with Suppliers in order to achieve an integration of interests, in which mutual success is guaranteed. Ensure processes that ensure consistent and quality products, ensuring compliance with Lacovale requirements;

Assent the legislation and requirements:
Assent the requirements applicable to the products, legislation, and other requisites that the organization subscribes to, or regulations, preparing for the application of new legal and other demands, suitable to the different activities of the company;

Engineering Development

The development of the project is the basis for obtaining a profitable product of the highest quality. In addition to the Solidworks development, we also have Amada's specific steel sheet processing software called Dr Abe.
We have a Laser Scanner, with an area of 1300x1300, which allows to execute dxf's from physical parts in less than 12 seconds. With this equipment it is possible to do dimensional control.

Laser Cut

High technology equipment that due to its flexibility allows us to cut all kinds of metallic materials with the most varied geometries. We have two types of lasers (Co2 and Optical Fiber), which enables us to transform raw material such as carbon steel (20mm), aisi (10mm), aluminum (8mm) and titanium (5mm).
The maximum dimensions are 3000x1500.


Due to the specificity and rigor of our products, in the Bending, we have two Cnc equipments that allow us to shoot up to 3 meters, with a maximum force of 100 tons.
In addition to standard tools, we also have a wide range of special tools, such as Rolla V, Hemming, Closing Punch, and Multi-Radio Punch.


We perform services of great technical competence using the TIG, MIG, MAG and resistance processes, in materials such as: carbon steel, aisi (stainless steel) and aluminum.
We are prepared with two robotic welding cells, one Yaskawa and one Fanuc. Both manual welding equipment and cell-mounted equipment are Fronius, the world leader in welding.

Powder Coating

High production paint and fine finish with thermosetting powder coating.
It differs considerably from liquid paint, mainly in the application methods, visual appearance and strength. The film created by electrostatic painting doesn't soften even when subjected to climatic variations.
Our company has a robotic line, consisting of a treatment tunnel, a drying tunnel, a paint booth with two robots, a polymerization booth and a transport line. We also have a fixed cabin for pieces of dimensions superior to the robotized line.


With more than 20 years of experience in the packaging of small pieces of electrostatic paint, we have developed an assembly / packaging area, guaranteeing quality and excellence. We rely on the training of our employees so each assembly / packaging is tailor-made for the customer.

Complementary Services

Machining, Wire Forming and Stamping
These 3 processes allow us to cover a wide range of products, making us more autonomous and competitive.

Products against COVID / 19

Due to the situation we are experiencing, we have developed several products to assist in the fight against COVID / 19
They are:
-Dispensers for disinfection of pedal hands, wall and suitable for people with reduced mobility
- Disinfection booths for people, and for disinfecting shopping carts

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